Family Portrait

"Family Portrait", as we are a small family brand, I thought it would be nice to introduce you to my lovely family. My parents, sister, grandma and our family dog are all being part of it.

For myself, togetherness and the personal touch is highly important, and those are things that my family bring to me. The warmth, hugs and loud laughters. Allowing yourself, to not compromise yourself in the eyes of others, because your family knows you inside-out. I feel that's how the essence of the clothing should be.

A photo of my sister, mum & dad wearing one of the first samples of unisex boxer shorts.

Mum - Una

Mom is the biggest helper with all logistical and administrative things and she personally prepares and hand-wraps each order with utmost care and love. I am always amazed, when I am back home, and I see how much attention goes into just packing each item. From ironing each item, writing a handwritten note, and adding a card, that I personally design for each customer with their name printed on it. Mum is also the one who whose hands hide behind the hand-knitted tom adam jumpers/sweaters. She is calm like a rock standing in the middle of a storm. And it was basically the first time she had knitted that type of sweater and I think that just shows how skilled she is, and at the same time. She always double-checks each customers address, their name, if the right items has been packed and she is by far the most tentative person I have ever met. Even if I am biased, as she is my mum, and I love her a lot.

Ps. Contrary to all other family members, she enjoys to be behind-the-scenes and not in the forefront of the camera, but I think this image already shows a lot of her beauty.

Dad - Andris

Have you seen the Hemingway'esque looking guy in the photos? Yes, that's my dad. I can't count the amount of times, people have told me how cool he is, or the amount of times people have said they'd like to swap dads. The looks don't deceive - he actually is a really nice dude. Always up for adventurous photoshoots and travels. Avid fisherman and sailor, if you hadn't already guessed from his appearance. He walks everyday with his best-friend Benjamin, his slow-living companion and picks up all the plastic he spots either in the streets or the forest. He is the advisor, ambassador and model of the brand. He is always proud to tell people about the brand, either to someone in a ski-lift in Austria or to people sitting at the next table in a restaurant. Always aiming for the peaks of the mountain in everything he does. Definitely, a natural-born talent to be in front of the camera, from his early days when he was going to acting lessons. He had a packaging production & design company for more than 30 years, which has helped me a lot in building the brand. His superpower & biggest joy is to spark a conversation with people.

Grandma - Viktorija

The amount of times she has been mistaken for my mum, would make anyone think she has a secret recipe for a youth elixir. Maybe she does, but that I have yet to find out. She has been a part of majority of our pyjama shoot. When we did the first shoot her hands were trembling, and she was very nervous about all the big flashlights, luckily a small glass of tea and lovely fl